The farm


Heavenly Farms offers an elegant yet rustic venue to host you and your guests on your special day. The most perfect place to speak your promises of love is under the canopy of trees located on the edge of the farm and end it by dancing the night away with those you treasure most under the multitude of stars. From peaceful creeks to tall, emerald grass, the farm offers everything you need for your picturesque dream day.


Outdoor wedding space.

A breezeway dance floor.

Cottage for overnight stay.

Reception dinner area.

Food storage.

Beautiful photography backdrops.

Morning-of brunch.


The Property


Imagine a tucked-away, enchanting horse farm with everything from open stretches of green to enclosed forests. These are just a few things that characterize Heavenly Farms along with fresh air and rustic vegetation. Sprawled across acres of wide, lush fields, the edges of the farm are flanked by enormous trees that seem to touch the sky above.

Peace and tranquility are found within the simple hearth of this quaint farm.

the bridal suite

This peaceful, two story suite sits in the center of the farm overlooking the open green spaces that stretch over the farm. With three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, there is plenty of space to treat the bride and the bridesmaids to a warm brunch and some bonding time before the special moment. Fit for your day of preparations, enjoy a cozy space to mingle and relax while watching your guests stream in.

Morning-of brunch for bridal party

Quaint space for the bridal party to get ready for the big day

Overnight cabin

Food storage in kitchen space

Private bathroom

Plenty of natural light